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  1. Sure thing. Those are all excellent universities. Good luck. Keep in touch.
  2. Virgil, took me a long time to respond to your visitor message but I'm back! If I do go to a law school in NYC, I'd love to grab lunch with you some day!

    I'm still gunning for NYU and Columbia pretty hard, along with Chicago, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania.
  3. Well, good luck. Perhaps we can have lunch some time in NYC, if I can find the time. It's a little difficult now that I have a little child.
  4. Hey, Virgil. Sorry about the late response. Shows how much I come on here I guess.

    I'm not particularly interested in politics after law school. I think I'm a bit too cynical about the political process in general to even believe that I could make a difference. I am interested in working at a big NYC firm right out of law school, and then hopefully moving to London eventually to work as a lawyer. Not sure if this will happen or not, but working at a big law firm in NYC is realistic, since that is the biggest legal market in the country.

    I had power outages here in DC, but nothing too bad like others suffered. My girlfriend's parents didn't have power for at least 5 days, I'd say. I'm curious about your summer reading plans. Do you have a link?

    I'm not reading anything too serious until after I take my LSAT. I just finished How to Watch the Olympics, and now I've just begun The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions. Shows where my heads at, I suppose.

    Edward (Vlad)
  5. Hi Vlad! That is all fantastic! Those are outstanding schools. I wish you the best. Are you thinking of politics too after law school? Did you get stuck with the power outages in DC?

    Don't worry about Lit Net. I'm not on much myself. It's all a waste of time. Do well in your career. By the way i just posted my summer reading plans if you're interested.
  6. Hey there. So I haven't been on here in FOREVER (apparently over 6 months), but I decided to check back in, and I saw that you had written on my wall. I read your blog post about what you read in 2011. Pretty great stuff. I added a few books to my list based on what you reviewed. (Silence is probably the key one.)

    I haven't had much time to read at all unfortunately since starting my new job as a paralegal at a top DC law firm. It is a lot of hours, and in my off time I'm now studying to take the LSAT in hopes of getting into as good of a law school as possible (I'm hoping Harvard, Chicago, Columbia, NYU, U Penn, or Cornell).

    So unfortunately I haven't really been able to read much other than very light books and a lot of magazines.

    Hope you are doing well. Keep up the reading!

  7. Yes, that Rckafeller Center in NYC. Theologically I love John's Gospel, but as a work of storytelling, I think Mark's might be my favorite. All four are unique in their own way. If you wish, you can read my blog on what i read in 2011. Here:
  8. Thanks, Virgil. Merry Christmas to you too! Is that NYC in the picture? I want to move up there in less than a year when my lease runs up. I am attempting to get a job at a DC law firm right now (I've passed their background check and they are currently checking my references, but I think I've got it in the bag), but they do have a NYC office, so I'd like to move up there eventually.

    I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I was reading for a book club. I thought it had a great beginning, but the ending was rushed. I felt they should have spread this specific story over more than one book, but I was mostly reading it in anticipation of the new movie. I just started Gone with the Wind (it's playing in theaters here on January 15, so I'm hoping to finish it by then), which is pretty awesome so far. After that, I'll go back into the KJ Bible and work on the Apocrypha before I move onto the NT. I look forward to reading Mark. Is that your favorite of the gospels?
  9. Merry Christmas Vlad. I hope you have a special holiday.

    Here's a present and a card for you.

  10. Just finished the Gospel of Mark in fairly good detail, that is with reading line by line commentary. No way I could do that with the OT, but for me it's important that I understand the NT in as much detail as possible. Boy I really got an appreciation for Mark. His narrative flow is very different from the other Gospels.
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