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  1. I don't know if you have a holiday this time of year, but my very best wishes. And Happy New Year.
  2. Hey check out my blog with a picture of me as a young man.
  3. Some pictures of New York City in my blog Pensy: Thought you might be interested.
  4. That's hilarious. Sorry about that.
  5. After having spelled 'annals of history' as 'anals of history' I have dropped any hope of scoring very good marks in that essay.
  6. Actually it was mixed at the beginning. She has some writing quirks, but I'm beginning to enjoy the book too. I'm only about sixty pages in I'm afraid. I've been busy and I'm a notoriously a slow reader. Glad you're doing well. Hope you get a great grade on that essay.
  7. The school is good, thanks for asking. We had an Essay Competition just recently, and now we have switched back to our ordinary daily study rate which is a bit scary.

    Hmmm reading something good? Well, I have been reading The God of Small Things which I would call good (uptil now) but judging by your comments in the Forum's Book Club about it, it seems that you aren't finding it so good. Still reading it or have you stopped?

    I visited your blog about a day or two back. Some really interesting posts lately, a pity didn't have time to comment over there at that time but I thought I should mention.
  8. Hi little flying bird. What's new with school? Reading anything good?
  9. Hi Pensy. Just stopping to say hello.
  10. Thank you Pensy. You're such a nice young lady. How is school going? I don't know the Pakistan system. Do you get the summer off and start at the end of August? What are you taking in school these days?
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