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  1. I guess I'll return back to my usual in a few hours. I'm very well thank you.
  2. I am alright thanks. Well, we have got some preparatory exams soon so 'trying' to get myself to study for those. How about you? How are you doing yourself? Interesting choice of avatar, btw!
  3. Hi Pensy. How are you doing? School taking up your time?
  4. Pensy, there is a whole world you are missig in the blogs section.
  5. Radioactivity. Hmm. I remember there are three types, alpha, beta, and gamma rays, but I don't recall much else. I am fine thank you. Keep doing well.
  6. Hello there Virgil! Nothing much. School is fine, as hectic as ever. Was just going through 'half-life' a couple of minutes back, the whole topic regarding radioactivity is pretty much interesting I will say.

    How about you? How are you doing yourself?
  7. Hi Pensy. What's new? How is school going? Studying anything interesting?
  8. Thanks, Virgil!

    Happy New Year to you as well!
    (BTW I have enjoyed the video very much. )
  9. Happy New Year Pensy. I leave you with a present: Now I'm not sure I like the back beat they put to it, but the video is fabulous.
  10. Yes, that's the quthor of Doctor Zhivago. I guess it's going to be Pasternak.
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