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  1. I know you don't celebrate Christmas Pensy, but I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday, whatever it may be.

  2. Things are well Pensy. Not sure you've missed anything here. I'm really into the blogs here now. Perhaps you can start one as well. Or at least participate. They're fun and personal.

    I hope things are well with you. Every time I hear Pakistan in the news I think of you and given the news is mostly not good I worry about you. Which city do you live in? Down south I hope?
  3. Awwww
    I have been feeling something missing in my life during my absence from active participation on litnet too. So now I am just trying to figure things out, seems like a lot has changed and yet has not. What do you think? How much have I missed?

    Hope everything has been well with you.
  4. Nice to see you my dear pensy. Hope you are well. You must be busy. Your flying blue wings have been missed.
  5. If you go to Andave's latest blog she tells of our meeting up last week: You might be interested.
  6. Funny story in my blog. Think you might get a kick out of it.
  7. I'm fine Pensy. Just busy. I hoep you do well in school. That's moree important than lit net.
  8. Yeah I missed the forum too, been a bit busy with studies lately as my final exams for this course are going to be held in only a matter of few days. These should determine which subjects I opt for later in life. And I had been feeling my preparation was not really up to the mark (not that I am very much satisfied with it even at the present after having tried to spend sometime away from 'temptations', or maybe it's not that bad and it is only that I am just a perfectionist ).

    BTW, thanks for dropping by! How is everything with you?
  9. Pensive, I've been thinking of you. I hadn't seen you around for a while and I kept forgetting to drop you a note. Good to see you today. I hope everything is well.
  10. Yeah and I wonder how it feels to be in someone else's avatar or to see someone else with your avatar on!
    BTW, Virgil, it would be really nice if you can check out this thread :
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