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  1. Happy Birthday, Beau.
  2. Aw, maybe I can be of help next time.
  3. I told everyone I was closing it at right after extending it a week! I'm sorry, beau, I should have left you a note.
    Thank you for being willing, you are such a sweetheart.
  4. Am I too late?
  5. Beau,

    Do you think you could vote in this contest? Tonight? Yours would be the tie-breaker, and I would be forever in your debt!!!!
  6. Happy Holidays, Q! I hope they are going great!
  7. Merry Christmas, Beau!
  8. Hello Q! I am superb. Summer was quite long, but I made it through, and school is good. I love learning...hate the homework.
  9. It's good to see you around again, Beautifull! How are you, how was summer, how's school?
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