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  1. Hi, dearest Mary!
    Sorry for not replying before. As you surely have noticed, I'm not logging in regularly in the hereabouts Good to see you around here as well XOX
  2. Boo.... Your's truly has returned. Trying to send you a pm and your pm box is full empty it luv.
    Mary xx
  3. Sure Max xo
  4. Hi dear friend, just a quick note to thank you for starting my birthday thread and for all your recent notes on it as well. You are very valued as a friend.
  5. from us... xoxoxo
  6. Hello my good sir... Seasons greetings to you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Love Mary and family
  7. Hey Maxi... Thanks for the pic messages. Appreciated it muchly.
  8. Ciao
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