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  1. Can't PM you because your inbox is full. Hope everything's fine down under. I don't know if you have seen our "LitNet Book" thread ( Some of us here on the LitNet are toying with the idea of putting together the finest LitNet poems (with the writers' assent, of course) and publish them in a book (hard cover and ebook). Some details still need to be decided but the project is on its way. I really appreciate your poetry and would want to have some of your poems in the book. As hawkman reacted somewhat stiffly to my suggesting 1 of his poems and asking me in clear terms to withdraw it immediately etc etc etc, I prefer to ask you if you're okay with the simple idea of me suggesting some of your poems before I act. You can always PM me MY box is not full at all, lol ;-) sending you my best, xo Dieter
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