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  1. yes it's all sun, sand and sharks here auntie!
  2. Every time I heard the song "Christmas in the Sand," I thought of you, Delta. Hope your Christmas was glorious, though I already know it was "warm."
    Fondly, Yr ol' Auntie
  3. Oh Auntie I didn't! So you won't be bopping on the disco floor for a while? I hope you have the very best of care. I expect a 'hip' poem at some stage from you. Do keep us us all updated on your progress xxxx
  4. In case you haven't heard via the LitNet grapevine, on May 2 I broke my hip! That's why I haven't weighed in on your offerings lately. Will try to catch up as soon as I can,
    little by little.
    Your fan, Auntie
  5. Haven't seen you in these here parts lately! If you're on a holiday, I hope you come back really soon.
    Miss ya!
    Yer Auntie
    "A louse in the locks of literature."
  6. Thanks Aunty. I will read your blog.
  7. Hi Delta dear!
    Sorry to say I haven't had much time to weigh in on your work(s) because of new responsibilities @ home. (Cf. me "blog.")
    Nevertheless, I want you to know that I've been thinking of you and will read your verses as soon as I have enough time to give them the attention they so richly deserve!
    Love, Auntie
  8. Thank you for your kind post aunty. I skimmed your lengthy yet highly intelligent thread (and realized, I am not educated enough to offer anything of use - except a layman's view) and I appreciate that writing the essay and doing housework is enough to fill anybody's day

  9. This is just a note to say that I've
    read your latest poetry postings and am quite impressed by the originality of your subject matter,
    as well as to tell you that just because you don't see a posted
    "reply" from yours fooly, that doesn't mean that your work isn't appreciated. Sometimes one can't think of any comments that would do your work justice.
  10. my pleasure!
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