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  1. Thank you Gilliatt! Oddly, I helped a white butterfly out of the house. It's like it visited me on my birthday. :3
  2. Happy Birthday !!!

    (click on the thumbnail for larger)
  3. Hope you are doing well. I recall reading about a typhoon that struck the Phillipines recently.

    Merry Christmas...

  4. 11:30am.
  5. Good day to you too!
    By the way what time is it there?
    It is just about to turn 10:00 pm here which also means it is time for me to sign off.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Good night.

  6. Good day!
  7. LOL! Oh, I didn't mean it that way!xD It's just that I could not usually catch people online. And admittedly, I have been caught up in the social networking site. Getting messages from you people is always a delight though no matter the circumstances. Aside from lit net, Emil emails me too. =)
  8. Ahh, now I see where I stand.
    You visit me only when Emil suggests it. haha
    No, I'm not on Facebook or any other internet social sites.
    LitNet Forums is as far as I dare venture due to time for other interests and I tend to be old fashioned.
    I would rather meet face to face or lick a stamp and drop my message in the mail.


  9. It's only because Emil Miller emailed me to say I had greetings here. LOL! I've been on facebook more lately. I don't suppose you have an account yourself? :3
  10. It was such a treat to see your reply.
    I'm happy to know you are still checking in from time to time.
    Hope school is going well.
    Please do continue to visit us.

    Your friend,
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