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  1. Thanks very much. I hope everything's going well for you and the family. It's always nice to hear from you.
  2. Good luck! And I am still teaching the same thing at the same school.
  3. Thank you! Yeah I know, I'm growing up haha.

    The plan is to get whatever job I can and hopefully find a good chunk of the day to write. I think my writing has improved so much even in the last few months and I feel that I can get somewhere with it, get something published eventually. My girlfriend is planning to take a year out of education and then dive back in as a primary school teacher.

    Are you still teaching?
  4. That's great that you are done with university. Congratulations! I remember when you were still in high school/college. LOL! What are the plans for 'work'? I probably could ask a million more questions but I think that you get the general idea. Nice to hear from you.
  5. Really good thanks. Starting to crawl now, so we have to cage her into a certain part of the living room with sofa cushions or she'll be out in the hallway eating our shoes! She's a funny little critter.

    How are you and the family?

    Sorry it's taken me a little while to reply. But my degree will finally be over this Monday, and then I will be free to get on lit-net whenever I please haha.
  6. How's that baby?
  7. Glad to hear. These things happen. Stop by any time.
  8. Good to hear from you! It's been ages. I don't manage to get on here very often anymore, very busy with the baby and finishing the old degree haha. Yes my beautiful girlfriend and I have this gorgeous baby girl. 5 and a half months now. I can't believe how quickly it has gone. How is your little one? Must be getting old now.

    And yes I know how you feel. I feel like I have aged many many years in the last few months ha.

    Really good to hear from you!
  9. I read that you had a baby. That I amazing. Sounds like you are well. For me, same old... Just getting older lol!
  10. Cheers my friend!
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