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  1. Full Sail is a good school to go to, especially for Film, Computer Animation and Game Art. The school's price is equal to any other 4 year college with the exception that it's an accelerated program. I'm currently finishing my degree in Game Art and my quality of work as an artist as improve exponentially since I've started here. Know this though, the school is extremely hard. I started with a class of 37, with 23 Game Art students and 15 Computer Animation Students. By month 12 of the program we were down to 14 students, 6 Game Art Students and 8 Computer Animation Students.

    If your son is truly interested and has potential as an artist, he should seriously look into coming to this school, it is one of the leading industry schools with industry professionals as instructors. Schools such as the Art Institute and Brown College cannot compare to the quality of work that comes out of Full Sail University.

    In a nut shell, I recommend this school .
  2. How do you like Full Sail? My son thought abut going there at one time, but it seemed awfully expensive.
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