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  1. Thank you x
  2. Hey Jerry, could you go check out General Chat section? Thanks!
  3. Happy Birthday, Jerry!
  4. Yah, I'm American-I'm not sure I get the connection. The picture on my page is a mermaid by John Waterhouse. I was not familiar with the painting by Howard Pyle, although I do know of him. I've seen his illustrations of King Arthur which are astoundingly beautiful, imho. I am sorry to say that I always thought your avatar was just a giant wave until you brought it to my attention. It's a beautiful painting.
  5. You are american?? My avatar is the mermaid by Howard Pyle. Not sure i have done your contest justice but time is ridiculously short atm. Have always enjoyed your prescence.
  6. Thanks for the friendship request. The mermaid and the ocean do kind of go together, don't they? Like peanut butter and jelly.
  7. happy to see a mermaid
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