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  1. Would you like to vote in our short story competition final?
  2. No worries!

    Hope you are keeping well.
  3. I'm just now reading your vote message to me. I don't want to hold up the works for one person, but if I had the weekend to read, I'll have a vote by tomorrow (Sunday).
  4. I'll begin reading and vote.
    Thanks for the nudge.
  5. Would you like to vote in our Short Story Competition Final?
  6. Thanks for cleaning that up.
    I figured while you were there, you make a selection. How bout it?

  7. Done! Unfortunately, the threads can be removed only by the Moderators.

    Hope you are keeping well. We should watch a movie sometime soon!

  8. It was a Saturday night, had a couple of beers and feeling, how do you folks say, cheeky?
    I started a ridiculous thread, the only problem being, I ended up creating two additional, but identical threads.
    Would you mind cleaning up after my binge and delete the two additional threads or point me in the right direction? Is there a way I can do it?
    Location: Look for my Laurel and Hardy threads under the "movies, Music and Television" category.
    Thanks in advance.
  9. I will read short stories and I will vote. Looks like I have till the 30 th.
    thanks for the heads up.
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