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  1. Merry Christmas, Scher
  2. Hi Scher, I haven't been here in a while, but while trying to navigate the site I keep running into "bad gateway" messages; it also kicks me off nearly every time I go to a new page. I tried to send a private message, but that didn't work either.
  3. Thank you! You too! Read that you are doing yoga! I love yoga as well but haven't been attending my classes because I work in the evenings :-/
  4. Happy (belated) new year, Scher. Love, love, love your avatar.
  5. Let's go, purty laidee!
  6. Yo, I'm here, in and out of the room, but essentially ready when you all are.
  7. Whew. No, Scher, just the one you just posted on my page (and which I initially answered there :P). Anyways, I'm here.
  8. I understand, Qimi. No worries. I am hoping to watch the movie tonight.

    Did you not get my reply?
  9. Scher, did you get my last PM about tonight? Papaya suggested Father Goose at 6. And my apology? I was here last week, but looking at the forums and waiting. I knew you'd said 5, but then Papaya said she couldn't at 5 and wasn't it at 6? and then I thought well, maybe it was at 6...and the rest is history. I felt so bad that you thought I just didn't show up, but it wasn't intentional.
  10. Gah, I checked the second time on my page before putting these around. I don't know what happened, but I see you found the page! Thanks for voting.
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