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  1. Neely, I am really angry now. The boss of another translation company called me tonight and challenged me with grammar. Fortunately I routed him. It is really funny. He said I never read a grammar book. Then he said sth about a participle whatever, and gave an example which was wrong. Then I typed in the term in yahoo search box, opened a website, and sent him a mail in which I gave him the web address. It was done in one minute. He was corrected by me in a call, in the next minute. He was angry. You can imagine it, I think.
    I cannot write fluently because of anger. Do you really want to glance through my work and drop a few comments? You do not have to care about those terms, because I've looked all of them up. They are all correct.
  2. No, it is a long one. Toward the end of it, I was required to translate a text, which is really close to a poem. I enjoy doing translation.
  3. Oh you've never had whisky? Yes it is a very strong alcoholic drink (40% alcohol) and can be quite harsh if you're not used to it. It is a favourite of the Scottish a lot of it originating from there, that and Ireland. Many people drink it mixed and commonly serve it with ice, though some drink it neat.

    Glad your translations are coming along well, the one of tea. Is that your latest one that you sent me a moment ago?
  4. I think I did a good work on tea a few days ago. It is an interesting topic. By translating the text, I read and learned a great deal. I enjoy translating.
    What is whisky? Is it a strong drink?
  5. I am waiting for their feedbacks. Thanks, Neely
  6. Well in that case it's fine then, perhaps drop the "some" - "Be careful. Don't let them deceive you over trivialities" is perhaps better. Do they give you feedback on your translations?
  7. The problem is I was not given any context. Thank you anyway. Virginia
  8. That sounds OK. It all depends on the context really, who the people are, what they are being deceived about, your relationship with them etc, there's nothing wrong with that sentence in itself.
  9. " Be smart. Don't let them deceive you over some trivialities." Is it correct? It does not sound good. How do I say it in a better style? Thank you, Neely.
  10. Hi, hmm. You could say something like "have you considered the fact that...might have deceived you over..." or "be careful about..." or "keep your eyes on..." something like that, it depends exactly on the context.
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