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  1. Should be, but at the mo there is some scariness going on at work and not sure if I will even be employed then!
  2. Ooh you lucky thing! Anthony Browne is a favourite of mine, and whenever I've seen Henry Winkler interviewed, he comes across as really nice. I really should make more effort to attend these meetings, as there's always lots of things promoted, but I tend to ignore them. Will you go to next year's? I'll have to work on my boss to try and get there. I'm glad you enjoyed it and felt that you gained something positive from it. All the best, Wessex.
  3. It was a weekend conferance friday - Sunday and it was BRILLIANT!! I met Henry Winkler , and he hugged me! Got autograph books from Saci LLoyd ( carbon Diaries) and Anthoney Brown.
    Brought loads of ideas back with me (Not to mention an entire medium suitcase of freebies) made links... it was good.
  4. Hi Nightie. Sorry not to have replied sooner, I've only just read your message. I haven't been around on here much lately, as I've been so busy. I wasn't at the SLA conference. I never get to go to anything actually, as I'm always far too pressed for time, so I don't even bother to enquire. I know I should really, but there are only so many hours at work, and I never get anything finished. Perhaps I will try next year. Did you have a good time, and was it useful? Let me know. All the best, Wessex.
  5. Hey I was at the SLA conference in June and it wasn't till the last night that it suddenly occured to me you might have been there! Where you??
  6. Hi Nightie. I hope you're ok too. If I can help in anyway with the School Library info, I will. I have just noticed your post about your desk. Mine is always a mess. It sounds as if your desk is situated in the Library if the kids are commenting on it. I am lucky that mine is in my office, so I can hide it from the little darlings. Unfortunately, it's always a tip if anyone visits me, they never come when it's tidy...... But you know what they say, if your desk is always neat, then you can't be that busy! I need a secretary
    Why are you doing detentions? Surely that's not up to you to do. It sounds as if the Library is being used as a bit of a dumping room. Apologies if I'm wrong, but as a Librarian, that is not your role. I would react strongly to being a minder for the kids in detention, that's not what the Library is there for, and certainly not what I'm there for. Anyway, if I can help, I will. All the best, Wessex.
  7. Hey wessexgirl
    How are you? I may need to pick your brains a bit this school librarian thing is sooooooo much harder than they let on at Uni!
    Hope you are doing well.
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