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  1. well! what is she interested in seeing and what type of food does she want to eat? The epicurian Foodhall on Liffey St is a great place to eat.
  2. HEllooooooo-----
    Hey, I need a small favor. My friend is going to visit Dublin. Do you have any suggestion of where to eats and buy stuffs as well as the sight seeing places. I can only recommend her the Abbey coz it's a must!!!!

  3. I've nothing planned for august... just not sure of my roster. maybe i'll pop over then. Love to hang with you guys!
  4. mono will be in Copenhagen this May. When are you coming?
  5. glad to hear you had a great time!
    I'm good.
  6. Niahm..I did had great birthday...had nice dinner, went to amusement park and got drunk afterwards...
    ...How are ya doing?
  7. I hope you had a good birthday!!!!
  8. I didn't get anything. My skype is betha.apriana
  9. I think i have added you to skype
  10. Well, I didn't know whether that was the reason. But the point is shouldn't he apologize in advance for not walking me home or am I exaggerating things here?
    The date was very fine actually. We went to this very cool cafe and a band was performing, great music and fine conversation. That's why I was like surprised when he said, 'Oh, I should go that way instead'...

    P.S.: Ah, me have Skype too
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