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  1. I'd say As I Lay Dying is the one to start with and then move on to The Sound and the Fury. Both are absolute masterpieces. I am just finishing up my third Faulkner Light in August... it is also fantastic.
  2. hey, I'm really interested in William Faulkner, and As I Lay Dying is on my next to read list
    so i would like any suggestions about his writing and maybe i should start with other one of his works?
  3. well i like dostoevsky and rimbaud the best
    but there are some books that really get me all jumpy
    i just finished perfume, and i loved it
  4. Good taste there with Dostoevsky... your favourite The Brothers Karamazov too? What other authors are you into?
  5. hi, dostoevsky fan over here
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