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  1. Hello stranger.
  2. Hello there!

    How are you doing my old pal?
    Ah, I have seen it. I think I've told you previously I prefer Kriana.
    However, I did notice that the way I had imagined it would be pronounced is entirely different to the way intended.
    I imagined "Kree-aah-na."
    Either way, I think it's a lovely name...
  3. hiya! how are you? did you see my thread? dream name!
  4. good good...
  5. Hello there.

    I'm good thank you.
    It's my last exam tomorrow, woo!
    And yourself?
  6. hiya
    how are you?

    no... check out this site.. it will explain it
  8. I've not.
    Is that a band?
  9. no problem!!! hey have you heard of the beat within?
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