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  1. Lol true true XD Sometimes the selection of books discussed here are way too literature-ish it kills me because I prefer books that are easier to read but do have a deeper meaning; just that I can't really read epic sagas. I bought Independent People and I have a hard time following the story. It's way too long.
  2. Most any book can.
  3. I know right. o_O" It's so serious it drives me crazy! I'd prefer intelligent but fun discussions My friends who study Tess of the Umberville say that the whole book can be read sexually XD
  4. Well, I try to have fun here. Some people are a bit too serious for my tastes, lol.
  5. Lol don't just laugh :P XD I think you're one of the fun people around here so yeah.
  6. Oh god I'm so bored XD I thought I wanted to post something here.
  7. Haha thanks. I think everyone's pretty much a dick. =p
  8. That's cool. Like I said, you have a good voice. It's real, not pretentious or dickish, which seems to be a pre-requisite of late for new members.
  9. Oh wow I'm quite honored when you said that I should stick around these forums. Thanks for making me feel welcome I'm actually very grateful that people here have that rare appreciation for literature. I didn't plan to take lit at school but because I got rejected by the art department, I switched to taking lit. My teacher is a ***** and a lot of things happened but ultimately I find that passion in learning it.
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