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  1. Merry Christmas right back at ya! Christmas will be so much fun for you this year. I hope you post pictures.
  2. Merry Christmas.
  3. NY state has got to be one of the hardest states to teach in, although always first in research. I have a class of 19. They are very rural- farm kids. The class is fine, lots of divorce and poverty. But it's a decent community and the parents care. They don't tell you what to do and take your word for it most of the time. It's good in that respect.
  4. Geographically, yes, it's a hard area. Half of my parents do not speak English. I have 3 students who have fathers in prison, and 4 who have a parent that has been deported. Two of my students are feral. But, my principal is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I found a job closer to home this year and the principal is so much better. I was working 12 hours a day last year and the principal was... well, just a big old B. How about your class? Are you getting a good group? Math isn't my favorite thing to teach.
  5. Sounds like a typical day. I start in January and I am scared, but I think it'll be OK. Just have to be confident and get use to feeling chronically tired.

    Thanks for updating me.
  6. Haha! Really how is it going? Does your principal suck or the kids are hard? I have a little of both at different times.
  7. I got up at 5 and did two loads before I left the house. I worked my butt off today, but I rocked this teaching thing today so it's good. How is full time going for you?
  8. Oh no, don't tell me that as I am heading back full time. Do you teach in a hard area geographically?
  9. never mind, it is. I'm an idiot~
  10. I don't know- maybe it's not working for me.
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