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  1. Hi Qimi, I actually missed the movie too. I've been a little busy lately, the semester just started and I just moved this weekend things should settle down any second now. I would love to watch another movie, shall I send out a PM for suggestions. I can't think of anything at the moment.
  2. Hey papaya. What up? How's life? I'm so sorry I missed the last movie. I actually got the date wrong. Let me know when y'all want to watch another one. I don't know how you do it, but you do have a positvie brilliance for picking out movies for The Viewing Room. Hawkman's not too shabby either.
  3. You are so nice! Thank you so much. I just thought it was gone.
  4. Hey, Papaya. I didn't play this game much, but didn't we used to have a game called "Rate that Song?" It was fairly popular, if I remember rightly, but it seems to be gone now. What happened to it?
  5. That movie also makes me think of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" when she is told she is the vampire slayer. How weird that would be to have someone appear out of nowhere and tell you something about yourself that you never knew, and oh, yeah, it's going to change your life forever.
  6. I read a similar article recently about a family in a similar situation, scary.
  7. I would be horrified. That's assuming I was not born a psychopath. Here's an article on whether psychopaths are born that way. Kinda scary.

    How would you feel if you were told that?
  8. I guess they were! You made me think of something: What would you do/think if someone told you you were an exact DNA copy of Hitler?
  9. I just thought of something. Those boys in that movie were Hitler youth.
  10. I kinda hate that about technology these days. Used to be the lag time on that was a couple of years. Now it's a couple of months. I had an early Android and when I would be in the Verizon store and they'd ask about it, the sales people would always be like, "Oh, that's one of the first ones," like it was ancient, but I only had it for two and a half years, lol.
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