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  1. Yes, thank you. Now I've been away for a bit.
  2. Thanks. All is fine. Hope all is fine for you too
  3. Hi Blue. You haven't been around for a bit. Hope you're doing ok. Just wondering.
  4. Safe and sound, thank you. Read my blog:
  5. Is everyone okay???
  6. For some reason I couldn't comment on your blog. Happy birthday Blue. I like reading your family stories, though I know there's a bit of sadness in there. Take care.
  7. Thanks. Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year.
  8. Merry Christmas Blue. I hope you have a special holiday.

    Here's a present and a card for you.

  9. Happy New Year Bluebird. I leave you with a present: Now I'm not sure I like the back beat they put to it, but the video is fabulous.
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