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  1. That's fine. I thought so with the threads. Good opportunity for me to post my daft - isms.
  2. Actually, I just checked and we are. Unless you meant Facebook? Which is also totally fine.
  3. Yes, those threads, which will be a daily series, are meant to be satirical.

    And of course you can send me a friend request. Actually. I'll send you one. I'm quite surprised we aren't.
  4. Hi Mate,

    I realise you're not on my friend list- a mere oversight. Ok if I invite you?

    Anyway, I jus popped in to ask if you are on a bet to get as many responses to your knot and pen/ pencil questions, or is it a protest?

    Funny anyway,


  5. It's happened to us all. I just make sure i concentrate on what I know!!
  6. Thanks for accepting. And I'm glad you think so. Sometimes I wonder, lol. But, if I avoid a complete smackdown by StLukes, I figure I'm doing alright.
  7. Thanks for the friend request. You're adding a lot to the discussions.

  8. Thanks for your post anyway.
  9. It wasn't intended to be political, just supportive, but no doubt it would have gone that way on reflection.

    No worries. I'm sure Scher has seen enough to know what happens.
  10. Too bad Scher closed your thread on the protests. She really likes doing that.
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