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  1. Good-o and you, what's been happening?
  2. Hi there.
  3. You're not wrong there, I am always on. Bye.
  4. Hey Jaz, have to run dear have to go to pick the kids up from school. Bye. Thanks for the friendship. Chat later.
  5. Was a great dog... The girl I have now, doesn't talk, but she's as cute as a button. And clever. I have a habit of getting pure breds, but runts of the litter, because they make the best pets
  6. Oh, the poor dear. I had an Australian Terrier 2 and a half years ago. He lived until he was 17 years old... He was the best dog I ever owned. He could talk... I know it sounds ridiculous, but he could say hello. He greeted anyone who went near him.
  7. Fine. I just bathed my girl, her name is honey. I took her for a walk, changed her bedding and it tire her out completely. She's sleeping like a baby now.
    Can I add you as a friend?
  8. Yes... Sometimes she sits on my lap when I am on the computer, but now she's outside. Do you let your dog in the house?
  9. Thank you. Aren't lives so rewarding with dogs?
  10. Hello. I was going to say from one Australian to another, but I have decided to say from one canine to another. My name is Mary and I have both my children on the forum; my daughter Heathcliff and my son Snape. Just thought I would pop in and say hello and that I love your dog... What bread is she?
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