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  1. Yes well at this stage it looks like the auction is going ahead on Saturday as planned, again there are a few people involved, so here's hoping.
  2. Ok, ok... Thanks the house is currently in private auction. The agent is working his way between 3 people. So it's all very exciting. If it doesn't sell by this Friday then we are doing the normal auction this Saturday. Can't wait now.
  3. Good luck with the passport.

    The house is going on auction this Saturday, have had a couple of bites, but waiting for the agent to ring us on Monday. Wish me luck.
    Have fun.
  4. Ciao babe, have fun... Enjoy your break.
  5. No, dear, we have two properties on the block and selling the front house. This way we can live a little more comfortably and not stress out so much.
  6. Great to see you are on holidays. Enjoy dear.

    No haven't chosen a destination. Can't make any decisions until we sell the house, on the 24th July. Pay off all debts, then we decide. Should know by the end of August. Can't wait.
  7. Can't complain... How's the study going?
  8. Hi there sweetie..
  9. Hey there... Check out my blog. Thought you might be interested in how hard I found, trying to get a passport here in Melbourne. And I am Australian born...
  10. Hey good luck with the exams.
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