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  1. Just saw your message. We are all ok, no damage from the storm except loss of power for abt 30 hours.
  2. Hey pussnboots. Hope you all are staying safe up there.
  3. Happy Holidays, Pussnboots. Here's a song for you:

    and one for Matthew:
  4. If there is that person would be a millionaire now.
  5. Hi Qimi,
    Everything is going well. Matthew is acting like a 2 year old should be. Two of his favorite words now is "NO" and "OK". Is there an easy way to teach patience to a 2 yr old LOL ?
  6. Hey Pussnboots. How's everything with you and the youngn'?
  7. I'll give the little master the message. Yesterday we went out for lunch and after dinner we had a small Elmo cake for him. Saturday both Grandma's afre coming over and then I'll serve the Elmo cake I am making.
    The basement is almost dry. We have to empty it out but I have no idea where we are going to put it all. We are still waiting for someone from the insurance company to come to the house.
    You know I completely forgot that this weekend is Labor Day. I think I am losing it!!
  8. Hey, pussnboots; sending my regards to the young master of the house. I hope y'all have fun celebrating (and have a great Labor Day weekend, also).

    Is your basement in better shape now?
  9. The Elmo cake is going to be just fine-whatever it looks like it will taste great!

    That's going to be a fun two weeks of celebration, a very satisfying birthday, indeed!
  10. Besides the flooded basement, we're getting ready to celebrate Matthew's 2nd birthday this coming Thursday 9/1. I will be making an Elmo cake and I just hope I don't mess it up. Not only will we be celebrating his birthday together this year but on 9/2 its what we call his "Gotcha Day" and on 9/11 we will celebrate his 1 year anniversary of being home with us
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