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  1. Hi Melanie,
    You pegged it; it has been very busy and stressful at work, souring the creative juices here lately, plus cutting back on my time on litnet.
    I'm about to head over to the poetry thread.
    Thanks for the nudge.
  2. Hi Giliat, I've noticed your recent absence in the poetry contest threads...hope you're only temporarily busy. I was wondering what the deadline is for your poetry contest called "Write To The Tune Of". I think you posted it on 8/31. Also, you had inquired about information regarding the photo I posted in the "Picture Poetry Contest". I posted some info in the thread just after you posted your request. I hope you saw it. Looking forward to your future poetry entries. Take care.
  3. Hello.
    Noticed you stopped by my profile page.
    Returning the visit.
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