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  1. Thanks, Virgil, but I'm supposed to be helping in two bookclubs already. Also, I don't know much about Salinger, so that discussion might be a little difficult to swing just now. I'll keep it in mind, though.
  2. There's a really good discussion on J.D. Salinger's short story, "A Perfect Day For A Banana Fish" here: And if you don't have the story, there's a link there to read it on line. Maybe you can join in.
  3. I apologized in the Turn of the the Screw thread and let me apologize here. I'm sorry Quark, I thought you and Neely were both with the Freudian reading. So sorry.
  4. I think the Norton's edition was pretty comprehensive as to this story. I'll look for your reply.
  5. I'm about three posts into your piece of James criticism ( I'll probably respond tomorrow when I can get into the library and take out a few books I need. I'll say now, though, that you might want to look into what's known as the Jamesian point of view. James is famous for countering the omniscient (and opinionated) narrators of early Realist writers with a narration that generates from a character's point of view. Your posts seem (this may not have been your intent) to start from the assumption that in order for the story to work there has to be a coherent extra-character perspective. This would go against a lot of what James himself argued for, and what later critics built his reputation on. Overall, though, your post is thought-provoking and well-researched.
  6. Hiya Quark

    I finally concluded the critical interpretations of The Turn of the Screw (Remember that? ) and have put together a definitive reading of the story. I think it's conclusive as to whether the ghosts are real or not. I've put together five posts, since it's rather long, all on this page of the thread:

    Hope you'll want to satop back and read what I've put together. Feel free to comment.
  7. Have a nice Christmas.

  8. I've missed you around here. I hope things are well.
  9. Check out my latest blog. You might find it amusing.
  10. Nothing much. I haven't been on as much myself. Nice to see you.
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