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  1. Very good news indeed about your mother! An English major. A hard major, but what other major could you pay to read? Ahhahah! Also sounds like you are writing. I will check out your blog. Very good to hear from you. Summer is almost here, as I look out over 2 feet snow in my backyard.
  2. And one month later...I still manage a reply. I apologize Jersea! I'm doing well! I actually recently declared a major in English Language and Literature, with a concentration in Poetry, and I am loving it! Mother is doing well, although she's a bit tired these days. I promise I will try to post more often. I'm updating my blog with a few more recent poems I've written over the next few days; you should check them out if you have the chance. I really do hope you're doing well!
  3. Yes! How are you and how is school? How is your mother? Good that you are working hard in school.
  4. Jersea! How are you? It has been far too long, and I have been far too busy!
  5. AC, I hope things are well for you. College was a great experience. We are still hanging around on Lit net.
  6. Jersea!

    How have you been? I'm sure we have much to catch up on! I am officially a full fledged college student now! =]
  7. I will keep your mother in my thoughts. I am glad that you are keeping busy with school. In some ways school must be a good distraction. We are all well. I return to work, but I am glad for it.
  8. Hi! I have been soooo busy with college and whatnot! But yes, my mother is roughing it out in the last weeks of her radiation. keep her in your thoughts please! I'll be thinking about your sister-in-law as well!
  9. Just wanted to say hello. How are things with your mother? Is she in remission. My sister in law has the big Casino! It's really awful!!!!!
  10. Hemingway is always good. He is the ultimate novel writer. His characters are, should I say, very masculine and slightly screwy. What more could a girl want?

    We are so far north that they sugar all around us. Yes, I am virtually 2 towns from the border.
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