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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. How are you doing ac? We miss you.
  3. I'm doing well...insanely busy though, in the best ways. I'm actually taking a beginning poetry class, so yes, I am writing poetry almost every other day! My mother is also doing well. I'm sorry you're getting these extended length responses! I will try to keep in touch more often!
  4. Hey ac! It's good to see you. How are you and how is your mother? And school? We've missed you. Are you still writing poetry?
  5. How are you! I'm sorry it's been so very long since I last frequented lit-net!
  6. Merry Christmas, ac. I hope you are well.
  7. How are you, ac, and how is your mother?
  8. Ah nice...were you catching up on some reading? I love going to bookstores and reading random books. It's phenomenal. What's wrong with your computer?

    And yes, your criticisms were wonderful...that's exactly what I need. Of course I will keep writing. I was hoping to try and get a few of these published, but I dunno if they're up to snuff yet.
  9. Love you're new avatar ac. My computer isn't working, or I wold have answered you more quickly. I do some posting from my phone. Today I'm at the library.

    I did critique your work a little. Was that what you had in mind? I think you are a good writer, and if that's not what your looking for, I don't mind. I hope I was balanced. Well, let me know; and keep writing!
  10. Qimi...thank you so very much for taking the time to look at the poems I've posted so far; duly appreciated.

    How are things with you? I feel as though I've been somewhat self-centered on my poetry as of late.
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