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  1. Thank you very much for all this.

    I have not received yet. Maybe I will get it soon; at times it may take a few days more to reach my address. I will check with my general service department who deal with the mailbox.

  2. Hey blazeofglory, did "The Road" ever arrive? I mailed it almost two weeks ago, I think.
  3. Oh, I adore your new avatar!!!! Also, I'm mailing the book tomorrow (I just got paid)
  4. I think you will like this. How is life?
  5. Thank you for my birthday wishes!
  6. blazeofglory, thank you for your comments on my poetry. You are always so very kind.
  7. It is really interesting to be with all of you, guys and girls. And reading yours, getting invited to be befriended and the like thrill me. I feel cared, wanted and of coursed, elevated through such things. I do not know what to write to express some emotional elements that want volcanic eruptions, boiling within me!!!
  8. Happy September!
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