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  1. "More complicated"? Maybe, but it might just be less direct. Most people engage in self-delusion about most of what they do. Humans often think that they have one motive, but the real motive is something else entirely.

    Did I post my blog about self-characterization here? I'll look later and post it,if it isn't there.
  2. Yes, I do believe they would.

    I guess you're right. I mean, we don't think of sacrificing these days, yet we unconsciously do. I guess the way we believe has just gotten more complicated.
  3. If I told that government that,then they would say that I was crazy.

    The fundamental beliefs do not change,; only the way that the beliefs are expressed changes.
  4. But if you told the government that, they'd be appalled. I guess you have a point though. We shift our beliefs but they still have the same a way...
  5. Yes, now they are sent to Afghanistan instead of just going to the local temple. People don't fundamentally change; they just express themselves differently.
  6. Heavens no! I was just pointing out that back then, humans believed in sacrificing, but now, sacrificing is looked upon as gruesome. We, as humans, change our beliefs through the years.
  7. Those of us who follow the true Gods abd Goddesses know that sacrifices are the way to go, but those Aztecs were rather spectacular. Or were you suggesting that I offer your still beating heart to the Gods?

    If you are Christian, then remember that the proper procedures for sacrificing to El are in the Bible. ow many bulls for this or that and who cuts the throat, etc. I believe that there was an order in which the different Gods and Goddesses received their sacrifices.
  8. Yes, I'm very telepathic.
    I understand what you were trying to say. I just like teasing you a little.
    What we humans believe change so many times through the years. We used to think sacrificing offerings(human or beast) to Gods was a way of living. But now, most people think it's morally wrong. And on lighter terms, we could use your example. I'm taking Mexican-American History, and just learned some gruesome things, so that's where my example came from.
  9. You remember about the scientific proof that heavier than air flight was impossible, don't you? Yes, actual professors, accepted experts in their fields, proved it beyond any doubt.
  10. Well, there are some things that by their natures are impossible, but there are many, many things that someone might claim were impossible that have happened. It isn't that there is a problem with my reasoning, but I do not like typing,so I sometimes drop important parts from paragraphs and hope that the reader will be telepathic. You are telepathic,aren't you?
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