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  1. Yes, exactly. I was also giving an example of indirect self-characterization.

    Unless the Earth, or its surface, were destroyed, as could happen with major solar flare, there would be humans remaining, maybe just a few but some. Personally, I expect that the Plague will hit soon.
  2. Well, you're the one talking about getting rid of humans. I just assumed, since you didn't specify, that you were talking of all humans as a whole...unless you're some supernatural being higher than human....
  3. Speak for yourself. We will see who will be left, and I'm planning on being one of those.

    Actually, I think that the world would e a much nicer place with a total population under two billion. And I certainly will be one of those.
  4. Hence, we would be gone. Get rid of ourselves?
  5. Yes, that's another example of how humans mess things up. Nearly all of the problems in the world are caused by humans. If we got rid of them, then the problems would also be gone.
  6. Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily? Yet humans still do it.
  7. Whatever. Complication usually is a result of too many things being tossed together, and we know what Occam said about that.
  8. Well, I never said anything about them being equivalent. It's like understanding and analyzing. One leads to another.

    And nearly any words can be related. They come from the same place. The human's mind.
  9. I don't reagrd those as equivalent or even related. But apparently someone else does.

    I think that humans have been thinking for a long time that things were so modern and different, but they are still the same hairless apes with oversized brains.
  10. Wouldn't "less direct" be "more complicated" to understand?I think they go hand in hand.
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