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  1. I understand. Did you read my short story "A cure For Agnosticism"?
  2. No. Right now, I'm not a follower of any God. Until I can get solid proof, It's all illusions and stories fabricated by men over time. I guess I''m a neutral. Religion...Now that is a deep subject.
  3. One person's religion is another person's mythology. Are you a follower of that storm god who decided to start claiming that his followers should ignore all other gods?
  4. Goddess of luck, huh? One word: Mythology.
  5. I believe that randomness is the ruling factor of the universe. That opinion is shared by most of the Gods and Goddesses, especially Tyche, the Godess of Luck, AKA Lady Luck.

    I left the very best of my blogs up when I almost decided to quit the punk site. That one may actually be seen as worthwhile by people other than myself
  6. So you believe it's a sense of hope that there is a such thing as good luck?

    I don't think I have, but I will.
  7. I have encountered that theory, but I think that it is hopefullness. There's a great novel waiting to be written in which a small group of people are the only ones to survive an epidemic solely because there area was so seldom visties that the disease never got there.

    BTW, did you read my blog entry on Self-characterization? It is in my blog here.
  8. According to logic, there's no such thing as good luck. There's always a loophole that can be explained.

    And I don't think anything short of a global natural disaster will wipe out everyone.
  9. As I understand it, you are right, but we don't know whether that was due to genetic immunity or good luck. But there are people alive, so no epidemic has mown down everyone, yet.
  10. Well...I believe for every disease that's came up in history, there's been one or a few people who it didn't affect...Thus it can never fully reach 100%. And those effected by the disease usually die out, and the ones who aren't live on. At least, that's the way I see it. It's Darwin's most popular theory.

    well, It'll be easier o read if it were all together. I'll PM you my email.
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