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  1. Good.

    So what are you taking this semester? I would suggest art history, if you have room in your schedule.
  2. Now that is something I can agree with.
  3. Anything can become unpleasant when abused.
  4. Anything can become unpleasant when abused.
  5. Ehh. Laziness can also be the death of you. It's how far you end up taking it.
  6. Laziness is the mother of invention. Be lazy. Find a better way.
  7. Chemistry is boring. That I know.And I know I'm not going to be looking forward to it.

    Yes, that it true. I do hope he did okay though. I do know some very lazy people who were actual geniuses. I'm not saying I approve of laziness though.
  8. Chemistry and a few other subjects are bboring, because they require that one memorize things that are easier to just look up.

    Some people just don't think our what it to their advantage.There was one guy who would take a bus even when it was extremely cold and he had to wait. If he had thought a little, then he would have walked and warmed up. I don't know how he did academically, but I got the impression that he didn't do well.
  9. Fun. Yes. I suppose so. Since this is only my second semester in college, I haven't finished my prerequisites, so I haven't really done anything in the actual animal physiology. The closest thing would be Biology, and they are pretty easy. Actually, I'm taking my last Biology class required. But then I'll be moving on to Chemistry, and area that I absolutely abhor.

    I do believe I should've said that that is pure laziness. Most people are a little lazy. I wonder if they get others to do their work also? Or are they doing it a all? Or is it procrastination. Overall, that is an unhealthy practice. Imagine, if they are taking a bus that short distance, what other "shortcuts" are they taking?
  10. Animal physiology is fun, isn't it? And they make you take various required courses, don't they? I haven't yet studied to be a Vet, so I don't know what you would study, but I always found science courses easy.

    No, I wasn't kidding about people taking a bus to get to a building they could even see. I think that goes beyond laziness. Taking a bus a couple of miles, or more, makes perfect sense.
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