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  1. I used to play chess a bit with the wife. We'd head over to a couple of favorite coffee houses after an evening out drinking. I was never all that good and haven't played in years. Good luck with your last few weeks. I know they seemed to drag on forever for me. My musical taste is all over the place. Today at the studio I was listening to Johnny Cash, The Modern Jazz Quartet, The Rolling Stones, Rameau's keyboard works, Rachmaninoff, and finally Mahler.
  2. For example I recently bought Ella Fitzgerald collected album with some Louis Armstrong tracks in there, but also listening some jazz classics, Parker, Davies, Miller etc, etc - maybe as a result of watching Woody Allen's after midnight (when the chess brain stops)!
  3. Hi there, hope you are well, very nice to hear from you!! Good luck with the exhibition, I wish you well. I have another 4 1/2 weeks left and then I'm off for the summer break and really looking forward to it. Yes, I post here from time to time but really only check on the forum once or twice a month and really only as an after-thought, as I'm still very much focused on chess, giving many hours a day to it. Yes with the Beatles and Stones thing, well I really like them both! In the past I only liked the Stones and didn't much like the Beatles, but as I've aged I have grown to like the Beatles, especially the early albums like Hard Day's Night. However, of late I have been listening to jazz really more than most things...TBC.
  4. Neely... the Beatles thread you started just popped up again and I was surprised to find that at least as late as April you have still been around. How are things going? I'm off for the Summer and working in my studio with the aim of getting back into attempting to show (and perhaps even sell) my work again. I have a potential exhibition as soon as September. Thinking of the Beatles, I recently played the CD of The Magical Mystery Tour. I don't know if the UK sticks with the original EP or the expanded American version that includes Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, All You Need is Love, etc... Anyway... I must admit I found this disc woefully underrated. Beyond the quality of the songs (including The Fool on the Hill and I Am the Walrus) I was quite blown away by the sophistication of the orchestration/instrumentation and the vocal harmonies. I still love the gritty, grungy sound of the Stones... which are really an antithesis... but the Beatles were really masters of pop music.
  5. Ack!!! A quarter of your account?! What did she buy? I know the feeling. My wife seems to want to compete with everyone else with regard to buying gifts for every possible holiday... and for every relative... no matter how removed... no matter that they haven't bothered to even send us a card in years.
  6. Oh by the way, I was reading your art thread the other day, until I got distracted, very interesting, I will return to it later on.

    (Had an emotional/financial disaster here yesterday and I'm not quite myself, it involves the wife and a huge shopping bill. 1/4 of my bank balance wiped out, not happy.)
  7. Oh right I will have a look, I've not seen it.
  8. Neely! I can't do all your work for you. Your man, Oscar is being slandered over on the "sensuality" and literature thread. I have done my part in offering an opposing voice... but surely your expertise will be of great assistance.
  9. Broke up today!!

    Six weeks off! I'm absolutely going to make the most of this one as well. I've even got a list which is a bit sad, but I want to make sure I do everything I want this holiday. The list includes various activities such as fishing various venues, walks, tennis, biking and all the usual other stuff, beer/food/books etc, etc. Got to be the best day of the year!!

    Now back to the beer and wine...
  10. Neely! I was already in the process of typing a response. Such thinking among the college educated (reputedly) leaves me even more fearful of the future of education in North America.
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