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  1. So sorry to know you're leaving.
    Well, bye then!
    We'll meet there
  2. (I hope today is my last day here. You can meet me in the other forum. Bye.)
  3. I happened to read you're having issues here. So if you're about not to come back then I just wanted to drop a "Bye" (in case you come another time and read this). Are you still coming every now and then?
  4. Hi lib. I wanted to drop a Hi since we haven't talked for a long time. You okay?
  5. Hi lib, what have you been up to? Long time we haven't talked. Is everything in a relative order?
  6. I totally agree!
    The other day I was trying to decide which one is my favorite character and I couldn't arrive to a final conclusion. I believe there are no weak characters at all, and everyone plays their part as one expects for a serious story. I wouldn't call Star Trek serious at all. I think it was actually meant for people looking for light entertainment where you don't need to burn neurons while you are entertained.
  7. and you mentioned something I rarely notice, but that makes a biiiig deal of difference: acting. (in the case of BSG, the dramma is intense, because the plot is more toward tragicity than "happy elves in a holodeck" as would Lemony Snickets say ... even so, it is to be remarked that acting in BSG is to be considered. in Star Trek, it's almost comedy ... -- and not always meant to.)
  8. I royally agree! The space simulation is superior in all aspects!
  9. I wouldn't buy Star Trek either. I never got to like the plots, as though they don't convince me. Whenever I stumbled upon an episode I wanted to go do something else, as if the show doesn't have that special magnet I need to feel compelled to sit in front of the screen!
    It's totally outraced by BSG. Definitely no comparison between both! (not only in plot, but in acting too.)
  10. one of the brightest things I think about BSG is the space simulation: there are moments of complete silence in space, and moments with communication noises and internal machinery noises, but it portrays in a very efficient way the silence that there is "up there" ...
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