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  1. Thanks
  2. Hannah, the way these message boxes work is that I comment on your page, and you get a notice that someone has left you a message, and you comment on my page and I get a message. This way we are aware of messages. The only reason I saw your reply here was because I suspected you might have done that. If you click "View Conversation" when someone leaves you a message, it automatically brings you to that other person's profile box, with the conversation in front of you. I hope that helps.

    Ah, you're grandfather was a hero then. God rest his soul. He was fighting for a great cause. It's a shame you and your father never met him.
  3. Thanks for the friend request. I was about to ask you and then thought I'd just wait a little. I'm not on Lit Net as much as I used to. As you can see by my post count I was a regular here for a long time. But life's got me busy and Lit Net had a way of irritating me to where I'd thought I would no longer be a regular. But I still have a lot of friends here, so I stop by, mostly for the blogs. Hey we seem to have a few similar interests. I'm an enthusiast of ancient Roman history. I've always found it fascinating. What specifically is your interest in warcraft? War planes? Just curious.
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