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  1. I'd like to be banned, asap, please.
    That's all.---
  2. I've created two groups. I've been trying to delete them. I cannot. Appearently, only moderators can do it. (?) / Can you, please. Thank you anyway.
  3. Well I don't know how to make you feel more welcome here, and you tell me not to bother asking you what is wrong, you don't go into specifics, but making threats to "bother" the site moderators or suggest we "better begin" talking "among" ourselves does not help your case. I have never seen a moderator "making fun" of you, you would have to show me where. ... There is no way to remove you from the member list, you will always show up in it unless you are banned.
  4. I don't feel welcome here, Logos. Does LitNet still want me, because, if it doesn't, as it looks like to be, I'll be glad to be removed from the member list.

    If LitNet has any interest in my presence, some moderators, and they (one of them) know(s) what it is about, will have to apologize, and commit stop making fun of me.

    I don't mind simply get out. It's up to you. (I'm technically out of here, since these events happened, anyway ... Won't miss it.)

    No further ado.
    Don't bother to ask me what's wrong, There's one moderator who knows it, and, if you don't talk among each other, you'd better begin.~
    (or simply get rid of me)
  5. librarius_qui, if you've got an issue with moderation here you really should take it up with one or all of us because yes you're supposed to keep this stuff off of the boards as per the forum rules. I don't know exactly what's the issue right now, it would help if you could clarify

  6. I am not happy with the way some moderators have been treating me, and I wish guarantees that I won't be bothered, or I will bother moderators, until I get banned.
  7. er .. are you there? :eek~
  8. oh .. I read below Brian wrote Eugenie has been banned ... she's in one of the groups I'm in. should I say in the group that she's not here anymore?
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