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  1. I've been in Mexico with a friend and then around in the US with my cousin. I'm heading back down to Mexico where my family is to hangout with the rest of my cousins and my Grandma. I am very glad with the summer holidays though. Really needed a break from school, as I'm sure you do too.
  2. lol
    I've been quite busy about school lately..In your case if you're losing track of your toothbrush, me? I've been missing my toothbrush for quite
    It's not a good week for me. School stuffs really sucks!

    so how's your vacation? what particular country?

  3. Hey! Yeah, I've been out of the country and just haven't had time to keep track with everything. Barely able to keep track of my tooth brush! Haha, how have you been?
  4. Mortis, Hi there! I haven't seen you for some time. How are you friend?
  5. Its been pretty good. Nothing to complain about! How about you?
  6. How are you doing Mortis? How's your 2009 so far?
  7. We met in school. We've been friends for about 6 years now. Her mother is from Manila. Happy Birthday!
  8. Really? you have a Filipino colleague? That's nice.
    No, our island is somehow far from our capital city. I'm not Manila-student. Where did you meet by the way? That's a bit intriguing
  9. University of Oklahoma in the states. My best friend is Filipino! Do you got to school in Manila?
  10. A private school here in the Philippines..
    You by the way?
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