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  1. Great news.
    Good luck with the biz'
  2. Hi Sancho! It's good to be missed! Everything is well. My son and I started a business and it is very busy in December. Plus money. When you start a business you have to think and worry about it a lot more. We're doing well, and I will be giving my attention to it's growth, but that shouldn't preclude enjoying litnet, now should it?

    How's your little corner of the world?
  3. Qimi!
    Happy holidays. Haven't seen you around in a while. Everything OK?
  4. Oh, as to the voting, it's alright, Sancho. I'm sure there will be another contest shortly.
  5. Whoops! Sorry, Qimi, I found the poetry contest too late to vote.

    Next time, eh?
  6. Would you consider voting in the "Don't know much about history" poetry contest? Many thanks!
  7. Hi Sancho, would you consider voting?
  8. Qimi!

    Thanks for the heads up. Gonna click right over there and vote.

  9. Would you care to vote?

    Also, there's a Christmas Ghost story contest in the General Writing section if you're interested.
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