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  1. Yes that's me.........'not one of my better pics..
    but had fun with it...
  2. Oh and I meant to say ... read Anathem, loved it ... but kept wondering... why ? It was like Neal Stephenson wrote about amazing and sensational happenings but in a totally unsensational way !! So glad I did read it, think it shows just how amazingly creative and informed he is. Anyway, I agree with you 'thumbs up' !! AAh just looking at SleepyWitch's note ... is that you back row second from the right ?
  3. heya BlueSky yay Collie rocks. Did you check out the Etana and Alborosie link .. now that is total romance !
    rofl @ subterranean that cat needs help
    /me passes big cup of coffee to sub
  4. Big Thanks for the tunes...
    Been humming the Collie Budz one for a couple of days now...LOL
  5. hey ok I put this link or your page ? love this toon etana and alborosie .. see what u think
  6. Heya BlueSky... I've been absent .. studies but back and just posted on the music link that you gave me !! That is fun checking out the links for all the tunes people like !! Excellent, laughs at your link
  7. hey you... a sound thread .. ? how? would love to send one
  8. Check out the Send a song thread....
  9. haha ... thought you would say that !!
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