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  1. Gill, amigo! Thanks for checking in. I think my work schedule is mostly a self-inflicted wound. With the economy rockin and rollin again, it's hard to leave money on the table. Anyhow I keep threatening to throttle back and just go fishing.

  2. Are you starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel?
    Noticed a few posts from you recently.
  3. understand, the last couple of months have been hectic for me.
    I'm hoping to see a little easing up here in couple more weeks.
  4. Gil, mon frere!

    Sorry, man. I ain't been around much this summer. Work work work, you know.
  5. All quiet on the Georgia front, you still out there?
    I'm taking Texas own "Deep Eddy Vodka" on a maiden voyage mixed with a little Fresca and and feeing a bit a eeze. In the words of Jed Clampett "Mmmmm doggies!"
  6. Bah-hahahahahah - hah!
  7. Good one. Although I've spent much of my time in the south, I'm not really from here. We's carpet baggers! At any rate, I haven't written off Texas just yet. I took and undergrad degree from Big State U down in Austin a while back. La Roja (wife) would like to move there. I actually made an offer on a place in Bastrop a couple of years ago, but they weren't serious, I reckon.
  8. haha!
    I heard that before somewhere on the Forums. I think one of the Blokes dropped that off on my porch one day. Sounds like he was influenced by Spike Jones.
    Being a southern boy, you'll appreciate the deep Alabama accent that starts about 0:50

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