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  1. No worries, Emil. I'm looking forward to your next book.

  2. Hi Sancho,

    I have only just found your visitor message re A Tangled Web. Prior to the changed LitNet format, I used to
    get each new message flagged up but not now apparently. I came across your message by chance while looking for something else. Anyhow, I'm really pleased that you liked the book, it's always useful to get feedback; especially when it's positive, although any criticism is helpful.
    Jake Melrose was my own creation but there are plenty of role models in the US so he's not exactly an original. Another manufactured character was my own favourite, Wally Finkelstein but many of the dramatis personae are based on real people. It's true that I did use the leading character as a mouthpiece for certain of my own views but that's pretty much par for the course in novels where personal experience is often to the fore.
    Anyway, thanks for reading it and apologies for not having contacted you earlier. I might be producing another book later this year.


  3. Emil,

    I enjoyed A Tangled Web tremendously. It was a real treat to read something written by someone on the Litnet. A few of times I'd hear echoes of posts you'd made on these forums coming from Jerome. It made me wonder if Emil Miller (a pen name, I believe) is not also a part you are playing here.

    I particularly liked your descriptions of the Italian coast. Years ago, as a young GI, I had the opportunity to take a train trip from Genoa to La Spezia and your descriptions kept triggering flashbacks of things I haven't thought about in years.
  4. At any rate, I'd pretty much figured out how Wakefield would wind up, probably because you foreshadowed his end effectively. But I totally missed guessing the true author of the two novels. I kept thinking it was going to turn out to be previously unknown manuscripts of Thomas Hardy. But then that would have allowed Hugh McGregor to act morally rather than to roll over and let his discovery die. Lawyers, eh?

    But hey, man, I really dug that cat, Jake Melrose. He was the bomb! <<Haha! Joking-joking. Anyway, in the least, Jake never pretended to be somebody he wasn't.

    Thanks again, Emil, and keep writing, my friend. I'll keep reading.

    El Sancho.
  5. Except for very occasional visits to the poetry forum I wouldn't have heard of them either.
    I still don't know what they mean and can't be bothered to look them up.
    I think I can live without them.
  6. Emil, I'm not proud to say, I had to look up "memes and tropes".

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