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  1. Hi, wishing you a happy New Year.
  2. Hello, how are things?
  3. Hi to you, Chaney, Hope you are well.
  4. I know, you have a birthday thread. I did leave birthday wishes there. However, have a great birthday...
  5. Year 5...
    Those were the days I was in year 5... Ah, memories... You keep up the good work my dear.
  6. Well Chaney... Things are ok. They could be better, but they are just ok.
    How's the studying going? What year are you doing at school this year anyway?
  7. Ah hello, yes it has been a while since we conversed... How are you my dear?
  8. Thank you, dear.
  9. Hey Chans, check out my interview on the Mary's birthday thread.
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