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  1. Hey! I miss those days too. We are well. My son is now eight years old. Time sure flies! I hope you and your wife are doing well and I hope your art is doing well. I remember you used to post some here. If you do post it again here or anywhere let me know. I would love to see it. I try to keep up on the reading, but there isn't as much time for it, but I still read a bit. I'll try to stop by Lit Net more often.
  2. Virgil!

    Good hearing from you. My participation... and a lot of the old gang... has declined greatly on LitNet. I miss our old discussions on Wallace Stevens, Moby Dick, the Rolling Stones, etc... Things are going... I'm getting more done with my own art work than I did in the past... but unfortunately reading less. Hope things are going well with you and yours.
  3. Hey Buddy. Just dropping in after a long time. Hope things are well.
  4. Hey there. We haven't spoken in a while. Hope things are well.
  5. Well, Virgil... it looks like I may be joining you in limiting my postings to the blogs. After having several art threads closed that I had spent considerable time on due to the trollish behavior of certain unstable members... and poor moderation I should add... I can't see wasting the effort again.
  6. Thank you! I may join the talkclassical.
  7. Could you send me the links to the art and music sites? I'd like to check them out and perhaps join. I'm always interested in such things.
  8. Quasimodo... thanks. I was just drawing a blank and wasn't up to searching through my PMs. You're not missing much on the forum... as you probably know. I ended up posting a rather sarcastic comment on one of the threads asking about Byron expressing some shock that anyone still talks about literature here. The art site I used to frequent isn't doing much better. I probably spend more time on a couple of music sites than anywhere else. Good hearing from you.
  9. Ron is Quasimodo. Thanks for your kind words St. Lukes. Hope things are well with you. I am on the blogs here if you want to find me. But I can't participate in the threads much.
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