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  1. Happy birthday.
    btw- I'm looking forward to the grand opening of Piano's Pavilion addition to the Kimbell at the end of this month
  2. Well, so far my father's pics of "Jean Creamer" and "Lap Dog" (P-38 nose art) have gone unnoticed by the ladies guild.

    They were probably the models.
  3. Haha yes; Betty Joe, Myrtle and Agnes knitting their doilies while policing photobucket.
    Well, so far my father's pics of "Jean Creamer" and "Lap Dog" (P-38 nose art) have gone unnoticed by the ladies guild.


  4. I happen to use Photobucket for example.

    I've avoided Photobucket for some time as they seem to be policed by little old ladies from the church auxiliary group. They have deleted the most innocent nudes by Degas, William Blake, etc... As I post a lot of art images, nudes show up frequently as one of the central themes of all art. Since Scher has made it clear that it is only her job to make and enforce arbitrary rule changes... not to assist members in complying with these rules so they may use this site in a manner best suited to the dialog at hand... I'll see if I can dig up some info on using Flickr... or another webhost... in such a manner that I may may post thumbnails that double as links to the full-sized image.

    I'm sending this directly as I half-expect Scher to delete my post.
  5. Merry Christmas St. Lukes!
    (couple of thumbnails from my stamp collection)...

  6. Thought you might appreciate this "On This Day" entry from the Wikipedia front page:

    (The unveiling of David September 08, 1504)

  7. Oops, Sorry St. Lukes, I meant to click on the blue to see your latest clue, but since I'm here...hello.
    Your mystery painting has me stumped. Perhaps the latest clue will prove success.

  8. Boy I really butchered his name.
    How about Michelangelo?
  9. St. Lukes,
    Thanks for the Christmas wish and the background on St.Luke's Guild. I will take a moment to learn more out of curiosity. I always enjoy reading your in depth analysis on art and music. By the way, Kimball Art museum is currently hosting "From the Private Collections of Texas; European Art Ancient to Modern". Speaking of Saints, the Kimball has acquired Michaelajngelo's "Torment of Saint Anthony". It is being touted as his first painting.
    I am long overdue for another cultural weekend trek into Fort Worth.
    In fact I need to get down to Dallas as well to see the new ATT Performing Arts Center complex, primarily from a architectural point of view.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well. Can't say I'm overly familiar with the orgin of St. Nick. My own pseudonym, St. Lukes Guild dates to a medieval legend about St. Luke painting a portrait of the Virgin and Child. As such, Luke became the patron saint of painters and the medieval and Renaissance artist's guild (under which painters labored and negotiated for contracts) became known as the Guilds of St. Luke or St. Lukes Guild. Outside St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis d'Assisi my knowledge of Catholic saints is largely limited to what is needed for art history.
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