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  1. Hiya Kev!
  2. Man I suck!

    So how does it feel to be transitioning from ski bum to cowboy?
  3. ELLO THEA!!!!!!!!! OIM FRUM AUSTRAAAAAAALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna threw some prowns and roo meeeeat on tha baaaaaabie??????????
    Hi there.
  4. G'day Mate!
  5. You missed one or two pictures. I'm very VERY disappointed....
    And I CANT today. I was gonna but then ed called and he needs a ride to hot sulpher springs. Sorry Carly.
  6. Well *dusts hands* that was quite fun
    I think I posted on just about every picture.
  7. Man you boys talk more crap than I do!

    P.S. Subtle hint: POST OFFICE BOX! NOW!
  8. I love your dog.
    I love my dog.

    I don't love Achmed.
  9. YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry I was talking to my dog.
    achmed is there.
  10. Who's there???
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