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  1. You're certainly missed around here. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  2. Just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you may celebrate.

  3. Hey there. You might like this personal essay I wrote in my blog:
  4. Funny story in my blog. Think you might get a kick out of it.
  5. Hi Countess!!! Thank you for stopping by. I am well. I know exacty what you mean about the theory class. Such nonsense, but go along and pass. Rebelling is gets you no where and who cares anyway. Don't worry about lit net. Just do well in school. Hope your sone is doing well too. Take care, my friend.
  6. Hi Virgil! How is life? I am very busy with school and work. Plus, my tongue is bleeding from having bitten it so much in theory class! I'm being indocrinated but resisting! Long live the rebellion!
  7. Well, say hello if you stop in. Hope you are well.
  8. Happy New Year Countess. I leave you with a present: Now I'm not sure I like the back beat they put to it, but the video is fabulous.
  9. Hey check out my blog with a picture of me as a young man.
  10. Oh you're welcome. It was my pleasure.
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